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Bento for One - The power of retainers for your business

Free webcast to support Financial Advisers and Paraplanners

14 Apr 2016

Panacea Adviser is delighted to have once again teamed up with Glassagh Consulting for the latest in our series of free ‘Better Business’ webcasts to support and educate advisers.

What: ‘Bento for One’ webcast – The power of retainers for your business

When: 13:00 – 14:00, Friday 29th April 2016

If you have clients who use your business on a regular basis find out how retainers can establish real and lasting value for your business and create customer loyalty.

Whilst retainers are commonplace in many service professions their adoption has been slow in financial services.

Panacea and Glassagh Consulting will explore with you:

— What a retainer programme could look like for your business

— The power of retainers in establishing long term client loyalty

— Why retainers makes you attractive as a strategic alliance for other professionals

— Why retainers can be your Trail of the future


A powerful tool to help you establish your retainer model now


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