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Schroders announces launch of Global Recovery Fund

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29 Oct 2015

Schroders is launching an onshore version of Schroder ISF Global Recovery[1], following strong demand from UK clients. The Schroder Global Recovery Fund will launch on 30 October and will be managed by Nick Kirrage, Kevin Murphy and Andrew Lyddon.

The fund will mirror the investment philosophy of both the Schroder ISF Global Recovery, which launched in October 2013, and the Schroder Recovery Fund, which Nick Kirrage and Kevin Murphy have co-managed since 2006. Utilising the team’s recovery approach the fund will focus on investing in global equities with classic recovery characteristics.  

The Schroder Recovery Fund is top quartile over a 3, 7 and 10 year period and second quartile over 5 years to 30 September 2015[2].

Nick Kirrage and Kevin Murphy will continue to manage the Schroder Recovery fund and the Schroder Income Fund going forward.

Robin Stoakley, Managing Director of UK Intermediary at Schroders said:

“The launch of the Schroder Global Recovery Fund offers greater access to UK investors for this much sought after product.

It will look to match the strong long-term investment performance of the Schroder Recovery Fund and the investment philosophy of Schroder ISF Global Recovery. We believe there are very few funds that invest in this way making this a unique offering in the UK retail market. Nick, Kevin and Andrew have extensive experience investing in overseas stocks and we are confident that they will continue to deliver strong returns for clients.”

Andrew Lyddon, Co-Manager of the Schroder Global Recovery Fund said:

“The major strength of recovery investing is the disciplined focus on buying attractively valued, out-of-favour companies at all stages in the investment cycle. We seek to apply our approach consistently as whilst an unemotional, valuation-driven philosophy will not always be in favour, over longer time periods this investment style has generated exceptional returns.

We believe there is a strong case for the recovery of value from currently depressed levels. Value has underperformed growth for the longest period on record and is currently trading at the widest discount to growth since the Dotcom bubble in 2000. This is unusual, and history suggests that value should recover and outperform over time. Given the scale of value’s recent weakness the potential recovery could be significant.”

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