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SRI Services: Stranded Assets article for advisers in this month’s ILP Moneyfacts Magazine

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17 Aug 2015

Just published – my latest article for adviser publication Investment Life and Pension Moneyfacts! This article explains the high profile issue of ‘ Stranded Assets’  for financial advisers. It sets out some of this year’s major climate change related investor activity and the issues ahead for all investors – retail and institutional, SRI and non SRI. Click here to open this month’s  ’Don’t miss the boat‘ Moneyfacts article.

Did you know… the new upgraded version of our Fund EcoMarket database allows investors to filter on a number of criteria that relate to this subject? Check out the new Fund EcoMarket database here. You can find previous Moneyfacts SRI articles (plus much more besides!) in our Literature Directory. You can also  sign up to our Newsletter and follow @JuliaDreblow on Twitter.  Julia Dreblow, August 2015 -

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