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Finalytiq: Pound Cost Ravaging: Volatility Drag, Sequencing Risk and Safe Withdrawal Strategy In Retirement Portfolios

Whitepaper for Financial Advisers and Paraplanners

3 Feb 2015

I'm beyond thrilled to send you a copy of our new white paper Pound Cost Ravaging: Understanding Volatility Drag, Sequencing Risk and Safe Withdrawal Strategy In Retirement Portfolios.

Published ahead of the upcoming Retirement Income Conference, this paper is a deep dive into how the combination of sequencing risk and volatility drag is exacerbated by portfolio withdrawals, resulting in ‘pound cost ravaging.’ This subtle, yet dangerous risk is often ignored and could wreak major havoc to clients’ retirement plans.

In the paper, we present some insight into the latest research on Safe Withdrawal Rates for UK clients, a useful foundation for advising clients on how best to ensure their retirement pot doesn't run out before they do. 

This paper also argues that deterministic planning tools used by most planners aren’t fit for purpose, especially for retirement income planning.  And we present an alternative approach for modelling retirement income options.

We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we've enjoyed writing it. 

And don't forget to register here if you'll like join us for the Retirement Income Conference on the 3rd of March, where leading experts including prominent US based planner Michael Kitces will share practical strategies to help planners manage sequencing risk, model retirement income options robustly and deliver better client outcomes. 

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