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Schroders Outlooks 2015

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5 Dec 2014

Schroders' fund managers reflect on 2014 and give their outlooks for 2015 across global markets and asset classes.
The entire series of Schroders outlooks can be found here on TalkingPoint.

Asia ex-Japan equities


Read the outlook from Robin Parbrook, Head of Asia ex-Japan Equities
A focus on quality companies remains essential in Asia, with technological change a key theme for investing in Asia for the year ahead.
Read the outlook (approved for consumers)

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Convertible bonds


Read the outlook from Dr. Martin Kuehle, Investment Director 
The equity market is likely to be the main driver of convertibles in 2015, when diligent research will once again be crucial.
Read the outlook (approved for consumers)

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Global property securities

Read the outlook from Tom Walker and Hugo Machin, Co-Heads of GPS
With growth in the global economy looking uncertain in 2015, property investment offers a number of compelling characteristics for a wide range of market environments.
Read the outlook (approved for consumers)

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Japanese equities


Read the fund update from Shogo Maeda, Head of Japanese Equities
Strong corporate earnings growth and a weak yen should continue to provide support to Japanese equities in 2015.
Read the outlook (approved for consumers) 

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Read the fund update from Marcus Brookes and Robin McDonald, Fund Managers
Investors need to prepare for lower returns in the next few years, with a focus on capital perservation appearing prudent in the current environment.
Read the outlook (approved for consumers)

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