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Royal London: Welcome to the new era of retirement planning

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3 Dec 2014

As you know retirement is changing. Ned Cazalet has written an in-depth paper, ‘When I’m 64’, detailing the changes and the impact of these changes on your clients. 

The report stands at 129 pages long so we’ve produced our own summary of Ned’s paper, giving our opinion on the key messages and the impact each could have on you and your advice process.  

Even before the Budget announcement, the retirement market was changing.  People are living longer, annuity rates are on the decline and the needs of those in retirement fluctuate over time.  This means that the traditional approach to retirement planning probably won’t meet the needs of most clients and as a result of the budget, we’re sure to see a dynamic shift in the solutions available. 

So, what do we think are the key points from Ned’s paper that you need to consider when advising your clients?  Well, there’s a lot of information in there but we’ve highlighted three key areas:

  • Longevity
  • Inflation
  • Sustainability 

To find out what these key points mean for you and your clients, visit our new Royal London website.

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