Old Mutual Wealth - Company sales - Identifying opportunities and solutions Ė Inverness

Old Mutual Wealth

Tuesday, May 21, 2019 - 09:00-11:00

Kingsmills Hotel


Many clients are selling their companies to take advantage of entrepreneurs’ relief. These clients lose business property relief (BPR) and then need advice on inheritance tax (IHT) and wealth preservation. Often traditional products cannot help as their tax allowances only go so far. To maximise these opportunities our tax and trust seminar will cover:

1.            BPR v trusts.

2.            Rysaffe techniques (to reduce/avoid periodic taxes).

3.            Order of trust planning.

4.            How trusts can be combined for maximum results.

5.            How to future-proof products and reduce costs.

6.            Controlling money beyond the grave.

These lessons can also be applied to other clients who haven’t factored in IHT and need to make their portfolios more tax efficient. This presents an excellent opportunity where many billions of pounds currently in ISAs and bonds need a more tax efficient home.

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