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The Panacea Business Development zone provides a range of support materials, tools, resources and advice to help you make the most out of your business.



Whatever material you are looking for, from email marketing solutions to timely and topical content or effective website packages, Adviser-Store makes it easy for advisers to find material developed specifically with their business in mind.


We provide access to a comprehensive toolkit of advice, guidance, updates and information to help maximise your opportunities both with existing clients and with potential new clients.


Boost your bottom line with brilliant business ideas

Helping you build a sustainable business model

At Aviva, we know that you want to have the most successful conversations you can with each of your clients to get the right solution for them. To improve your business, it might be time for a little New Thinking!

Brooks Macdonald

Wondering how to use social media in a way that drives engagement with potential clients?

From coaching to concierge services, there are a myriad of ways for advisers to deliver added...

Specialist financial advice firms have the potential to attract substantial referrals from...

Demand for paraplanners keeps on growing, not least because advisers are under increasing time...

Compliance Consultant

UK based Financial Services Regulatory Risk, Compliance and Strategic Consultancy

Financial Social Media

Financial Social Media can help you to develop a social media policy which is a working document that sets the tone and the reason WHY to use social media. It’s an essential part of any social media plan as it covers the compliance, training and where to interact.

James Hay Partnership

The Modular iPlan enables you and your clients to make the most of new pension freedoms. By bringing together pensions, savings and investments in one place, it offers a wide range of choice of investment options – a powerful and cost effective way to manage a retirement income with a SIPP at its core

In conjunction with we have created a series of short videos providing top tips on some of the big and new challenges you face in your business. Over the coming months we will be adding more videos to the series and hope that they will help you to grow your business and enjoy greater success.


Explore our business guides, written by our Business Consultancy Managers, which are dedicated to help you grow your business.

What types of client are in your area? Easily find out if there is a concentration of a type nearby and access support to help reach them.

Scottish Widows

These articles are designed to provide you with practical approaches to business improvement. They are based upon experience of working directly with financial adviser businesses with the aim of saving you time and money.

Unbiased provides a 'find an IFA' services with a difference. Consumers are able to search for an IFA in their local area based on their full postcode, they can search for the area of advice they need, the level of qualification and gender of the adviser. We provide a list of IFAs that meet their criteria, leaving the consumer firmly in charge of the advice process.



Help your clients understand key investment concepts through our library of scenario-specific charts and talking points.

Guidance on Investment Trusts

Guidance on Indexing

BNY Mellon

Keep up to date with the BNY Mellon adviser know-how video series, or read one of the many investment guides.

Invesco Perpetual

A range of investment-related videos and articles designed to update and educate.

M&G Investments

M&G’s online portal aimed at providing insightful and educational content to help you run your business.


Keep up to date with the latest updates from Prudential’s Portfolio Management Group.

RSM Group

With the continuing need to ensure suitability, a structured and robust approach to your investment research and due diligence has never been more important. RSMR is committed to helping financial advisers find the right funds and services that allow them to provide the best solutions for their clients. Their fund ratings are now used by over 21,000 advisers as a badge of quality in their fund selection.


Schroders incomeIQ is a knowledge centre with guides, tips and tools to help you address these issues with your clients and encourage them to make more informed decisions to meet their income needs effectively.

SRI Services

2015 saw the highest ever level of retail ethical fund sales - yet this represents only 1.2% of the total investment market (according to the Investment Association). This indicates significant room for growth.


Royal London

We've got a range of approach letters for each type of protection - from general conversation starters to the specifics.

This tool will give you possible business protection solutions based on a client's business structure and the purpose of the cover.

A range of email templates to help you approach clients and make professional connections.

To help you explain the reasons for recommending a Royal London plan we've produced various paragraphs that describe our company and the features and benefits of our products.

Scottish Widows

Unlock the potential of protection with our client conversation tips, engagement tools and market insight.

Unlock the potential of protection with our client conversation tips, engagement tools and market insight.


Calculate how long it will take for your client to start paying more with Vitality Optimiser.

Online calculator to calculate your client’s potential savings through our partners. See what savings they can get as their status changes. (Previously known as Vitality Savings Calculator).

The iPad version of the Discounts and Savings Calculator allows you to download the calculator to your iPad and access it offline. This link will only work from an iPad.

Calculate your client’s premium with Vitality Optimiser and the potential yearly & cumulative savings they can make. (Previously known as Vitality Save calculator).



Tools to help you generate more business


This makes it easy to model your client’s retirement preferences, whether they’re straightforward or complex and gives you the ability to demonstrate the impact of guarantees and annual variances.


AE in a box

AE In A Box makes the process of Auto Enrolment simpler for both your clients and you. Providing your clients with a complete project Management system that guides them through every step of Auto Enrolment Regulation, pre Staging date and beyond. Leaving you to provide a solution for your clients Auto Enrolment problem, without having to commit the time, education or resources to do so yourself.

BeSecure Mail

BESecure Mail affords the sender of a message the ability to host, monitor and control an email in such a way as to enable recipient identity verification and 'revocation' rights whilst working within the confines of their existing email address(es) and email systems is the 'key' to success.

Life Cash Pro Apps

With the Lifecash Apps the difference is all it requires is an iPad, to deliver fast effective easy to use cash-flow modelling, that will have your client immediately engaged.

moneyinfo limited

We provide innovative web-based client solutions to many leading UK financial adviser firms including Sesame Bankhall, Lorica, Tenet, 1st The Exchange, and Lighthouse.