Adviser Testimonials

Simon Mansell, MD at Temple Bar IFA Ltd
Financial Services and Independent Advice has gone through significant change. The law of unintended consequences has meant that not all of these changes have resulted in consumer benefit. Derek, as CEO of Panacea has been a voice of reason, clearly articulating industry concerns that might otherwise have gone without notice or representation. Derek continues to be a voice of reason to a regulatory Tower of Babel A.K.A. Canary Wharf! I am please to count Derek as a colleague and friend.

Neil F Liversidge, Managing Director, West Riding Personal Financial Solutions Ltd
I greatly admire your site!

Paolo Standerwick, IFA, MLP
Derek Bradley has been an example to many in his fight for the IFA cause.

Ewart Matthias, Adviser & Business Consultant, Truly Independent Ltd
Derek, with you being available to Independent & Restricted alike it should bolster the site and after all you do more than AIFA in raising awareness and telling it as it is. Keep up the good work.

Product Provider Testimonials

Klare Baldwin, Head of Marketing, FundsNetwork
"Having been in partnership with Panacea Adviser for several years now, the benefit of such a relationship and how we can work with them to extend our marketing reach within our target audience is clear to see. We particularly appreciate their willingness to support our communications to the adviser community - often at short notice - and their proactiveness in distributing our content, including via their highly subscribed to social media profiles. In short, they're a pleasure to work with and a valued channel for FundsNetwork to communicate with advisers."

Warren Shiels, Director, Man GLG
"We have been a partner with Panacea for the past two years and have been impressed with the depth and breadth of the coverage they provide to their web based community. It has been an excellent medium for us to get our investment messages into the financial adviser market. They continue to grow the community very strongly and we are very pleased to be in partnership with Panacea"

Stephen Lowe, Group External Affairs & Customer Insight Director, Just Retirement
"Panacea's RDR survey results highlight a number of important areas where focus is needed if we are to avoid an unintended consequence of RDR...the loss of many valuable advisers from the industry.

Together product providers and intermediaries need to do all we can to ensure advisers' market propositions are presented effectively and the value truly understood by clients and potential clients. Having a confident, profitable adviser community is essential if we are going to support the increasing number of people accelerating towards retirement in need of advice.

Just Retirement is developing a series of support mechanisms to coach individual advisers to ensure their retirement propositions are developed and communicated effectively. In the words from a popular cosmetic brand TV campaign, we want advisers to have that L'Oreal moment; "because you're worth it". Just Retirement absolutely believe this and we want to help advisers develop the personal confidence to ensure their clients feel that too."

Michael Beveridge, Head of Wholesale Sales, Standard Life Investments
"We are committed to our intermediary clients and take pride in being a trusted asset manager. Partnering with Panacea extends this commitment by allowing us further access to advisers' views and providing them with training and support materials from Standard Life Investments. Advisers know their clients' financial needs are unique. Panacea gives us further insight into these individual requirements which are always at the front of our minds and at the forefront of the investment decisions we take on a daily basis"

Stephen Andrews, Head of Strategic Partnerships (UK), Aberdeen Asset Management
"We have long-been impressed with the scope of Panacea Adviser and believe they are an ideal platform to offer advisers our market insight and direct access to both our funds and fund managers' views. Advisers need a diverse range of tools to address their clients' individual requirements and so we are looking forward to working with Panacea to enhance further our delivery of this valuable support."

Tom Gordon, Campaign Manager, Prudential
"Working with Panacea enables Prudential to communicate with a wider range of actively engaged Financial Advisers. It provides a highly effective way of getting our messages out into the marketplace. Panacea offer a flexible package enabling us to provide support and information to Advisers on a variety of topics to help them and their clients."

John Joe McGinley, Head of Business Brain, Aegon
"Panacea understand the advisory profession. Their community has grown because advisers and paraplanners see the benefits it adds and believe that their voice is being heard.
As a provider Aegon has been proud to work with Panacea over the last few years because in Sarah, Derek and James they have individuals who get it and realise that the advisory profession has to change or die.
It has been refreshing to work with Panacea on business development and social media thought leadership as we strive to ensure that we help advisers understand and overcome the challenges that they face from not only regulatory but social and economic changes.
We look forward to working with Panacea in the future as the advisory profession adapts to our ever changing landscape."

Adam Gent, Head of UK Sales, at Legg Mason
"We are delighted to be part of the Panacea community. We recognise it is essential that advisers are able to receive the latest market insights and product information in order to deliver valuable support to their clients and believe Panacea is an ideal platform to assist in offering this support."

Stephanie Bone, Vice President, BlackRock
"Having been in partnership with Panacea Adviser for a number of years now, it is pleasing to see how the community has grown and how this channel has continued to be a highly effective way for BlackRock to get messages out into the marketplace. We appreciate the consistent support the team offer and the delivery of our communications often at short notice. We are very pleased to be a partner of Panacea Adviser.”

Press Testimonials

Michael Wilson, Editor, IFA Magazine, 28 February 2014
“Yes, it’s seven years since Panacea Adviser, the online community and resource for directly regulated financial advisers and paraplannners, started working for an advisor community that was really feeling the pressure a little bit. Because 2007 was, you may recall, a bit of a rough patch, and the regulator was floundering just a little bit.

Since then, of course, we’ve had a few more changes to work through. And the importance of defending the adviser, though collaboration, consultation and (not least) collegiality has been critical. It’s a good question how many struggling IFAs would have quietly accepted defeat if it hadn’t been for the redoubtable Derek Bradley and his faithful crew. Derek, we salute you.”

Nic Cicutti, Money Marketing, 12 January 2012
"...A few years ago a friend alerted me to a new phenomenon he claimed was likely to revolutionise communication among IFAs- the growth of forums where advisers can bypass commercial organisations by talking directly to each other,.....contrasting peer to peer operations with traditional media outlets where IFAs were talked to rather than doing the talking themselves. Among the websites he pointed out to me was Panacea Adviser, a portal aimed at smaller IFA firms with a platform for comment, debate as well as tools, research and support for their work. In the past three or four years I have popped over to the website every few weeks to keep an eye on things. During that time I have seen the site grow impressively, adding more and more functions and becoming a destination point for the IFA community". It delivers an eclectic mix of opinion and information which appeals to the many hundreds of its regular users".

Simoney Girard, News Editor, Financial Adviser, 13 September 2012
"...a respected voice among independent financial advisers, Mr Derek Bradley, CEO of Panaceaadviser.com..."

Simona Stankovska, Investment Adviser - FT Business, 15 November 2013
"The team are knowledgeable, enthusiastic and always striving to better their offering. The company's surveys and reports are current, extremely informative and useful for journalists and intermediaries alike."

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